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Because of Jason, I am closer to health

Qingdao Jiesheng Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. National high-tech enterprise. Focus on a full range of band UV LED products and GaN-MOCVD high-end epitaxial equipment research and development, production and application. Is the domestic cutting-edge semiconductor device technology enterprises, the registered capital of 158 million yuan.

Jesson Electric is a supplier of deep ultraviolet LED. As a mass production of GaN-MOCVD equipment and deep UV LED professional company. By the researchers, doctors, masters and other components of the high-level transnational research and development team and a full set of independent patent technology. The use of GaN-MOCVD high-end special equipment manufacturing deep ultraviolet LED products. Relevant technology is not only unique in China, but also in a dominant position in the world semiconductor LED industry chain.

  • Focus on research and development strength

    High-tech enterprises, focusing on semiconductor optoelectronic devices technology research and development and production, product quality is guaranteed

  • Selected material layer by layer check

    Make full use of all kinds of advanced testing equipment, layer upon layer supervision, precise control of each production detail, strict control of each process, to ensure the product excellent and benign

  • Well-equipped and experienced

    Focusing on the wavelength range 260nm~320nm UV LED products and GaN-MOCVD epitaxial equipment research and development, production and application, with advanced detection equipment and experienced technical personnel, operators

  • Intimate service and after-sales guarantee

    Strictly in accordance with the contract delivery time on time, at the same time the technical staff will provide you with excellent solutions, help you answer the relevant questions, rest assured to buy, after-sales worry

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